Sonder – New bit

Sonder – After All Night

With my second album for Black Acre nearly complete and everything coming together nicely, I’ve been in a good mood lately. Here’s a track to reflect that.

Udder Cut

Some clips people have captured on there phones covering a few gigs I’ve done this year. Scrappy videos and noisy audio… but that’s how we like it.

And here is another track, escaped from the black box I tried and keep taped up in the further corner of my deepest cupboard. Wy – Leaning In

Along with the SECOND MEMOTONE ALBUM nearly being complete (set for release on Black Acre later this year)
There is new music from my Wy guise for FREE STREAMING here.


9th MAy – Supporting Blue Daisy @ Start The Bus – Bristol – 22.00 – 03.00
 photo BLAISY FLYER2_zpsterxopyl.jpg

Also, for all you following the side projects – Here are some new Wy numbers.



Solo Piano

I have a fair reason to be late in my offering for Piano Day. I broke my little finger knuckle and metacarpal in my right hand three weeks ago. I only just had the cast off and so had to spend most of the day playing piano before I got any kind of workable movement from my little finger. The surgeon says playing the piano is perfect physio for my knuckle and finger as long as I don’t over do it, so I wrote this piece not only to celebrate piano day, but also as a therapy for my recovering hand. Due to this it’s not overly complex or strenuous, but hopefully says enough in it’s modest composition.

 photo Web File_zpslq1mdjzj.jpg

Please enjoy!

Happy Belated Piano Day