During my trip over to Prague at the end of 2013, the guys from LunchMeat decided it would be cool to make a live video of me performing on the roof of the National Gallery. So I am very grateful for there efforts and happy to share such a nicely put together bit of film.

Rooftoop #3 – Memotone – Goldair (live) from …::LUNCHMEAT::… on Vimeo.

SAMPLEPHONICS – Acoustic Abstractions

 photo acoustic_abstractions_b121_1024x1024_zps7c67f973.jpeg

“Acoustic Abstraction one of the most inspirational sample libraries we have released to date. Developed by the insanely talented multi-instrumentalist Memotone, this beautiful collection of loops and samples has such a range of wonderful and diverse sounds, the first time we played it in the office, we were literally stunned to silence.

The sample pack is overflowing with acoustic instrument loops, textures, organic rhythms and sampling gems. Sifting through the sounds is like digging through a crate of rare vinyl, each groove a complete surprise and ready to be shaped into something new.

Expect to find evolving Guzheng, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar and Kalimba phrases, Music Box loops, Ethnic Percussion Grooves, Warped Feedback and Reverberant Effects, Bowed Strings and Prepared Piano Samples. There are also 5 full track mixes, with corresponding construction loops. The sounds can translate into almost any type of music or composition that requires organic textures and real acoustic instrument samplesc – from hip hop, house, garage, deep dubstep and dnb, to cinematic, ambient, acoustic and downtempo.

The loops and samples contained in this library are provided as 100% royalty free, straight up 24 Bit Wav. We feel obliged to give Memotone a big thanks for allowing us access to his extrordinary and simply stunning sample collection built up over the years…so cheers!”

My Sample Pack has been released.

SLOWCOACH is a new project by William Yates (A.K.A memotone). He has taken on a new alias to explore his less experimental influences. Here we see him put his fingers to jazz, hip-hop, funk and even a taste of soul. Frequently calling on his keys, fretless bass and drums to create the mood, the general feel is one of live performance rather than studio production. There is also a remix present. SLOWCOACH was called up to produce a remix for the Soosh album ‘Colour Is Breath’ on Error Broadcast. To get this remix and many others cut to WAX visit this LINK


n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—

A new project for my more organic work. More to come

It’s that time of year again, where I like to share a piece of music that reflects my love of spooks and unknown creaks and cracks in the night. Listen to an edit of forthcoming track ‘The Castle’ in the player below.


Halloween Exclusive

A bit of twangy guitar improv. Just for fun…

Guitar Improvisation

Over the weekend I had Soroosh (Soosh) come to visit me down in Dorset to continue work on our collaborative album for Project: Mooncircle.
The weekend was a great success. Here are a few snaps of the room we were working in.

 photo MemooshSetupsmall_zpsa8f131a3.jpg

 photo IMG_5315small_zpsb4311d07.jpg

 photo Memooshsmall_zps2a8f1f64.jpg


I stayed up all night playing the piano and as the glow in the sky grew and the outlines beyond my window slowly solidified into trees, bushes and hills the birds began to sing and the piano slowed down. Time itself slowed to an almost imperceivable pace. The piano sang with the birds. This short film was made. Enjoy.