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TWO new slices

I did a live ‘rhythm’ set at The Exchange in Bristol a couple of weeks ago. Here are two clips from the set.

Live @ THE EXCHANGE – Bristol

A live improvisational response to an instillation and exhibition at the Create Centre gallery in Bristol. Sunday the 14th. 1-3 in the afternoon.
 photo ParishSounds_zps408851a6.jpg

I got my Alesis Micron plugged back in after a long time collecting dust. It’s so good! Sometimes giving gear the time to lie unused is exactly what it needs to remain usable.

Alesis Micron

New ‘Wy’ Instrumental

 photo LemonPeeps_zps43103147.jpg

Thanks to the kind ladies and gentlemen at ‘Lemon People‘ for featuring my latest live improvisation (as Sonder) on their sparkly new website.

Here’s an idea; whilst listening to the new live piece, why don’t you have a browse around the website and discover some rising talents for yourselves. If you like the look of things there is even an opportunity to back future projects. GO GO!


Here is the latest from memotone. A sprawling, space age cacophony. A meeting between councils of a distant galaxy.

PLUS – an all new track from side project ‘Wy’. Follow this link to GIVE-IT-A-LISTEN.

Selector Afterdark – Memotone & Soosh by The Selector on Mixcloud

Read the interview between The Selector, myself and Soosh.

The i-D mix and The Selector Mix