I’ve neglected my website for the last couple of weeks as very exciting things have been keeping me busy. I can’t say much more on that right now – other than that I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first became serious about making music and making a living from it. I will reveal more in time. FOR NOW! You can have this small collection of work to keep you busy. I’ve been working on a cover version of ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ (the Marvin Gaye version) as Wy, I’ve been recording lots of solo piano work as ‘Sonder’ and a new soundscape website curated by Janek Schaefer, which I contributed to, has been launched. See all below.

Janek Schaefer’s calm collage of foundsound places to underscore your personal spaces.
via foundsoundscape : created & curated by Janek Schaefer.

Catch Up

New memotone LIVE groove.

 photo 10911263_831008226945254_1034655503100108338_o_zpsvvdusx6j.jpg

The new LOOSE CANON composition and sound design collective is now live! For all your sonic needs, please visit: LOOSE CANON MUISC

TWO new slices

I did a live ‘rhythm’ set at The Exchange in Bristol a couple of weeks ago. Here are two clips from the set.

Live @ THE EXCHANGE – Bristol

A live improvisational response to an instillation and exhibition at the Create Centre gallery in Bristol. Sunday the 14th. 1-3 in the afternoon.
 photo ParishSounds_zps408851a6.jpg

I got my Alesis Micron plugged back in after a long time collecting dust. It’s so good! Sometimes giving gear the time to lie unused is exactly what it needs to remain usable.

Alesis Micron